Summer 2017 (PDF; 2190 KB)
  • William Martin and his Glider - 1909 by Hugh Harrington
  • Invasion Stripes for D-Day

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Winter 2017 (PDF; 837 KB)
  • From Kite to Glider to Powered Flight - the AEA gets into the air
  • A Canadian Junket - August 1964
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Spring 2012 (PDF; 3986 KB)

  • They Taught Us to Fly - The Barnaby Soaring Plaque at Kitty Hawk
  • National Landmark of Soaring No. 16 - Dedicated at the Outer Banks, NC
  • 40th Ralph S. Barnaby Lecture, October 22, 2011, Wright Brothers National Monument
  • Zanonia: The Seed that Became a Champion Sailplane
  • Some Mythology and Folklore of Flight
  • The Two-Place Bowlus that Time Forgot
  • The Orange “Y” Glider Club - 1933
  • The Zogling Primary Glider

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Fall 2011 (PDF; 3319 KB)

  • Symposium Weekend at the National Soaring Museum
  • Winter Soaring in the Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Cloyd and Audrey Artman, Washington State Soaring Pioneers
  • A Tale of Three Schweizer Sailplanes and More
  • Early California Soaring
  • The Peyret Tandem-Wing Glider
  • Wally Scott - His Life, His Flying
  • NASA Deep-Stall Flight Program
  • 2010 U.S. Soaring Hall of Fame Inductee Einar Enevoldson

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