No.14 -- Mount Washington, New Hampshire

8 October 2005

Meteorological conditions produced by winds and these mountains have drawn glider pilots to the skies above the Presidential Range since 1938. Much of what is known about mountain winds and turbulence was first discovered in gliders. Flights to over 30,000 feet above sea level have been made in the atmospheric waves generated by Mount Washington and the surrounding peaks. This marker is dedicated to the pioneering pilots whose spirit of exploration made these achievements possible. [References]

Lewin Barringer relaying facts about the sport of soaring to Eliot Noyes. The glider model in his hand is a Minimoa sailplane which he has just purchased from the "Sportflugzeugbau Goppingen Martin Schempp" factory in Germany.

On 25 October 1938, Lewin Barringer made what we believe to be the first wave soaring flight in the United States, taking off from the North Conway airfield and reaching an altitude of 9,500 feet by "climbing in the holes between the clouds."

The "Ibis" sailplane, designed by Harland Ross, in front of the hangar of the White Mountain Airport, North Conway, NH, owned and operated by Wylie Apte.

The Schweizer Aircraft Company sold their first sailplane, a 1-7, to the "Altosaurus Soaring Club." Eliot Noyes was the one member who actually knew how to fly sailplanes.

Annual Wave Camps, organized by Allan MacNicol, were held since 1966 at the North Conway Airport again.

After the North Conway Airport was sold, the airfield at Glen, NH, became available to glider pilots for the annual Wave Camp. However, this was a tricky field for take-off and landings!

Gorham, NH, is the current base for glider pilots to go to in October for the Wave Camp. It is just north of Mount Washington, but gives good opportunities for cross-country flying. This SGS 1-23, owned by the Post Mills Soaring Club, is ready to go.

Commemorative postmark, approved for the Landmark of Soaring No. 14. It shows a Libelle sailplane.

This image of a lennie wave cloud over the Mount Washington range became the logo for the local implementation committee.

Landmark of Soaring No. 14 plaque. It will be displayed on top of Mount Washington. Millions of tourists are visiting this highest mountain on the East Coast every year.

Mount Washington Landmark Dedication website, created by the local Implementation Committee

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