No.7 -- Point Loma, San Diego, California

27 April 1996

Point Loma. This landmark is dedicated to the pioneering spirits of the pilots William Hawley Bowlus and Jack C. Barstow who made milestone flights in glider history at this site. William Hawley Bowlus, first American soaring flight to exceed one hour duration, 1 hour 21 minutes, October 19, 1929. John C. Barstow, duration flight of 15 hours 13 minutes, exceeding the world record, April 29-30, 1930. [References]

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The First Pacific Coast Glider Contest took place at Long Beach, CA, on 4-5 May 1929. This primary glider may have belonged to Essery.

Left: Jack C. Barstow; right: Charles Lindbergh and William Hawley Bowlus.

Another meet in Southern California in the early 1930s.

Label from a Valencia orange crate, showing Edgar Dittmar in his "Albert" sailplane. It is not known why a German sailplane was chosen to decorate a Californian wooden crate.

Keith Boyer and Dr. Don Hunsaker carried souvenir mail in a Grob G-109 motorglider on a local flight over Cabrillo National Monument (Point Loma).

Dr. Hunsaker, Bob Fronius and Jeff Byard, at the time President of the NSM, shortly after the unveiling of the plaque.

William Hawley Bowlus was instrumental in the development of the sport on the West Coast. He formed the Bowlus Glider School late in 1929 and the Bowlus Sailplane Company was incorporated on 13 January 1930.

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