No.3 -- Fulton Airport, Akron, Ohio

29 June 1985

This landmark was chosen to honor the pioneering spirit and enthusiasm of the citizens of Akron, who supported the significant advances to motorless flight from 1929 to 1936. A commemorative flight on June 29th, 1985, re-enacted the first towed glider flight 50 years before, flying from Akron to Columbus carrying U.S.Mail in a Gross 4-Place glider. [References]

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In 1935, Bill Bodenlos and Willis Sperry carried souvenir mail from Akron to Columbus, OH, in the four-place F-5 glider, designed by Frank Gross.

Bill Bodenlos, Willis Sperry and Frank Gross in front of the Gross F-5 sailplane.

Ceremony at the Akron Municipal Airport, with Wally Setz presiding.

Envelope carried on the 1985 re-enactment flight.

Jim Short, tow plane pilot of the 1985 re-enactment flight with Akron Postmaster and the large mail bag. Both seem to wonder how this huge bag can be stored for the flight in the Grob.

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